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You are purchasing these image(s) for your own non-commercial use. 

• This license is for personal use only. Personal use means non-commercial use of the image(s) for display on personal websites and computers, or making prints for personal use. The image(s) may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration. The image(s) may not be used in advertising. The image(s) may not be resold, relicensed, or sub-licensed.

• Title and ownership, and all rights now and in the future, of and for the image(s) remain exclusively with the photographer "Troy T. Hall" aka "Bear's Photography".

• There are no warranties, express or implied. The image(s) are provided 'as is.'

• The photographer shall not be liable for any third party claims or incidental, consequential or other damages arising out of this license or buyer's use of the image(s).

You may not sell, transfer, or in any other way change or give away the copyright of these image(s).


Commercial usage must be handled by negoiating with Bear's photography for separate fee(s) & license(ing)

Images are not be to altered nor used in composites without separate approval and fees where appropiate.

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